We think of bicycles as mechanical works of art. Like any artistic creation, we feel that bicycles should be worked on by people who have more than just qualifications. Attention to detail is what makes the difference between a bicycle that merely works and a bicycle that is a joy to ride. The best part of all of this is you’ll have your bike back in 48 hours!

$74.99 Tune-up Check List

  • Light cleaning of the bike
  • Drive train lube (chain & gears)
  • Brake cables, derailleur cables, derailleur pivot points are lubed
  • Wheels trued and spoke tension checked (individually in truing stand)
  • Brakes adjusted and align pads/shoes
  • Gears adjusted (front & rear derailleur/shifters)
  • Head set and bearings adjusted
  • Hubs/cones and bearings adjusted
  • Bottom bracket and crank adjusted
  • Check and tighten all bolts, nuts and fasteners
  • Tires checked for wear, cuts and punctures
  • Tire pressure checked and adjusted

$119.99 Deluxe Tune-up Checklist

  • Includes ALL of the items in the above list PLUS
  • Drive train is removed from bike and parts cleaned in Parts Cleaner
  • Inspection of drive train parts and reinstallation

$239.99 Complete Overhaul

  • Includes all of the above in both lists above PLUS
  • Bike is dismantled down to the frame (bottom bracket, headset removed, hubs overhauled)
  • Labor includes complete re-cabling of the bike (parts are additional)
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