Our Races

We enjoy all aspects of riding bicycles and one way we promote our favorite sport is by producing bike races. We put on races throughout the summer and fall and each one is unique.

Through the relationships we’ve developed with Rochester and the surrounding communities, we are privileged to produce races for riders of all ability and experience levels. We have events for everyone from the beginning racers to the world-class professionals.

Browse through Full Moon Vista’s Race resume and learn more about how we have developed each one from scratch. We’re most well-known for the Rochester Twilight Criterium, but our international cyclocross event at Genesee Valley Park – Rochester Cyclocross is on the map too. Our regional cyclocross events continue to grow each year and we couldn’t be more psyched to bring all of these back to Rochester in 2017!

2017 Race Calendar

Saturday, August 19th – Rochester Twilight Criterium (Pro Road Tour)

Friday, September 8th – Rochester Cyclocross Night Fondo

Saturday, September 9th – Rochester Cyclocross (UCI Class 1)

Sunday, September 10th – Rochester Cyclocross (UCI Class2)

Sunday, September 17th – Grand Island Cyclocross

Sunday, September 24th – Webster Cyclocross

Sunday, October 8th – Parma Cyclocross

Sunday, November 12th – Cobbs Hill Cyclocross


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